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We all want our skin to keep its lustre but it's often time consuming and costly booking into the salon or clinic for skin care or treatments every week. 

Finally there is Lift Mask by Total Aesthetics to be your facelift at-home anti ageing clinic.

20 minutes to Fabulous


It's Saturday night, you've got 1 hour 

to look like you've returned from a 4hour spa anti ageing skin care session.


After Cleansing, apply 3ml of Lift mask facelift to face, eyebrows, under eyes. 

If you want to smooth fine lines on your decolletage, just apply a little extra.

Leave to dry, rinse off and moisturise. 

You're now free to Stop Traffic (all for the right reasons of course)

100% Happiness Guarantee


We want you to be absolutely besotted with the Lift Mask facelift, anti ageing skin care mask.

If you are not completely delighted with the Lift Mask, reach out for more tips on best success or return the product for a refund (less shipping & handling charges)

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